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50 States + DC Started

November 3rd - Richmond, VA
February 17th - Jacksonville, FL

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Sadly poignant

Congress already has run out of space on a memorial created last year to honor all of the U.S. service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In a grim sign of the times, the "Wall of the Fallen," set up by House Republican leaders in June, is almost full. The mounting death toll from Iraq has forced U.S. House staffers to study how to reconfigure the display in the lobby of the Rayburn Building - the largest office building for members of Congress - to squeeze in more names.

According to the Defense Department, 3,736 U.S. service members died in the two wars by the end of April. New names are added to the display every few months, but none have been added since November. The last name listed is Lance Cpl. Luke Holler, 21-year-old Marine reservist from Bulverde, Texas, killed by an explosive device on Nov. 2.

In the current format, there is space for about 130 more names, but 506 Americans have died since mid-November. In April, 104 Americans were killed in the war's sixth-deadliest month.

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Consult This Before Dating

Ever wonder what relation someone is to you?

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Happy Birthday Beth Schroeder!

On January 21st that is. She is having some festivities for the honor on Saturday so get in touch with her for the details.

By the way're how old??

Haha. In honor of your special day...I give you....The Happy Dance!

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