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Dam It

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Reason #189 Why Metallica Still Sucks

As if we need another reason:

Eight years ago, when Metallica became the poster band for the clash between the record industry and its fans, the whole thing started when drummer Lars Ulrich personally delivered a massive printout of the names of people who had been sharing Metallica songs on Napster to the company's headquarters.

But with only one record left on its Warner Music Group contract, the Ulrich says Metallica could be planning a digital release along the lines of what Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have done, as ironic as that might seem.

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Quick Joke

A bank robber walks in a bank, gets in line and when it is his
turn he pulls out a gun and robs the bank!

Just to make sure he leaves no witnesses, he turns
around and asks the next customer in line,
"Did you see me rob this bank?"

The customer replies, "Yes!"

The bank robber raises his gun, points it to the
customer's head and BANG !!!, shoots him in the
head and kills him!

He quickly moves to the next customer in line
and says to the man,"Did you see me rob this bank?"

The man calmly responds ..."No, but my wife did!"

Monday, April 28

Corner Crew

With a 1 - 0 win last Saturday the Crew are looking to be on top of the league. These last few games have been a real treat to watch with some quality play from Schelotto, Moreno, Rogers and Padula. Here's a good shot from Saturday's game of the Crew fans making a Dynamo player feel more at home taking his corner kick.

Greg Bartram/Contributor

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New Poll

Take a quick look to your right (on the screen) and you'll see the new poll. Make sure your voice is heard for what you want at Wastefest.

Crew = Massive

(AP Photo/Eduardo Di Baia)

AP picture from last night. Some Argentina soccer fans celebrating a win. Why is this here? Take a look at one kid's jersey. Yup that's a Crew jersey thousands of miles away from Ohio. Massive.

Wednesday, April 23

How Dude Are You?

Here is a small excerpt from "I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski Life, The Big Lebowski, and What Have You" By Bill Green Ben Peskoe Will Russell Scott Shuffitt.

So just how Dude are you, anyway? Get out your number-two pencils and answer the following questions to discover how in touch you are with your Inner Dude. Report back as soon as it's done.

1. Are you employed, sir?

A) Yes

B) No

C) What day is this?

2. Do you have any Kahlua?

A) No, but I do have some watermelon schnapps

B) No, I'm fresh out

C) Does the pope shit in the woods?

3. What's your favorite Eagles album?

A) Desperado

B) Ride the Lightning

C) I hate the fucking Eagles

4. What do you do in your free time?

A) Balance my checkbook

B) Occupy various administration buildings

C) Bowl, drive around, the occasional acid flashback

5. What is the smallest check you've ever written?

A) $100 and up

B) $ 0.70 to $99.99

C) $ 0.69 and under

6. Identify this small woodland mammal (picture of a ferret)

A) Beaver

B) Ferret

C) Marmot

7. What cassette is in your Walkman right now?

A) I have an iPod

B) Creedence

C) Venice Beach League Playoffs 1987/Bob

8. What is your primary form of ID?

A) Driver's license

B) Expired student ID

C) Ralphs card

9. What color is your vehicle?

A) My Hummer is yellow

B) Blue

C) Green with rust coloration

10. When do you pay your rent?

A) When you own, it's called a mortgage

B) The tenth

C) Far out, man

Tally up your score:

For each A) answer, you get 0 points.

For each B) answer, give yourself 21 points.

For each C) answer, give yourself 42 points.

How Dude are you:

0-105 = You're being very un-Dude

106-210 = You are the walrus

211-419 = I dig your style, man

420 = You abide

So how'd you do? Now that you have a feel for your level of Dudeness, here are some tips for Dude-ifying your everyday life.

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Bad Typos

Quality control anyone? So of the worst typing mistakes around.

Tuesday, April 22

Funny Shit For The Day

10 Dumb Ideas that Made A Lot of Money

People will buy anything, no matter how dumb. Pet rocks and singing fish sold out of the store and while no one will admit to owning one, someone has to be buying it.

Check out a bunch of dumb ideas that made a lot of money. Maybe they’re not so dumb after all…

Click here for the story.

Tuesday, April 15

Get Your Wastefest '08 T-Shirts Here!

Well due to popular demand I have put together a new T-Shirt for Wastefest '08 - The Ten Year Reunion - Where Are They Now? I made it very basic to keep down the cost but left the option for customization so you can add your name or change the color or whatever. Zazzle automatically creates a 10% increase that gets paid out to me but I plan on using whatever money (prob won't be much) to buy booze for the party. The details of the party are still being sorted out but until then...grab yourself a T-Shirt and watch the countdown continue!

Check Em Out!

The Story on Schlitz (Or Why Do We Think It Sucks)


Executive: Robert Uihlein, Jr., head of the Schlitz Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Background: in the 1970s, Schlitz was America’s #2 beer, behind Budweiser. It had been #1 until 1957 and has pursued Bud ever since. In the 1970s, Uihlein came up with a strategy to compete against Anheuser-Busch. He figured that if he could cut the cost of ingredients used in his beer and speed up the brewing process at the same time, he could brew more beer in the same amount of time for less money … and earn higher profits.

Decision: Uihlein cut the amount of time it took to brew Schlitz from 40 days to 15, and replaced much of the barley malt in the beer with corn syrup - which was cheaper. He also switched from one type of foam stabilizer to another to get around new labeling laws that would have required the original stabilizer to be disclosed on the label.

Impact: Uihlein got what he wanted: a cheaper, more profitable beer that made a lot of money … at first. But it tasted terrible, and tended to break down so quickly as the cheap ingredients bonded together and sank to the bottom of the can - forming a substance that "looked disconcertingly like mucus." Philip Van Munchings writes in Beer Blast:

Suddenly Schlitz found itself shipping out a great deal of apparently snot-ridden beer. The brewery knew about it pretty quickly and made a command decision - to do nothing … Uihlein declined a costly recall for months, wagering that not much of the beer would be subjected to the kinds of temperatures at which most haze forms. He lost the bet, sales plummeted … and Schlitz began a long steady slide from the top three.

Schlitz finally caved in and recalled 10 million cans of the snot beer. But their reputation was ruined and sales never recovered. In 1981, they shut down their Milwaukee brewing plant; the following year the company was purchased by rival Stroh’s. One former mayor of Milwaukee compared the brewery’s fortunes to the sinking of the Titanic, asking "How could that big of a business go under so fast?"