Wednesday, June 10

If Off To Alaska!

I'll have a full update on both Notre Dame and Mayor's Marathon when I return. Until then...enjoy this perfectly timed melon toss!

Tuesday, June 9

Tuesday, June 2

Hall of Fame to Notre Dame Marathon

Well just a few days now from the Hall of Fame to Notre Dame Marathon in South Bend, Indiana. It's really tough to gauge my expectations going into this race. On one hand, I'm feeling good just having run my last 10 miler in 7 minute mile pace (almost a PR) but on another hand I'm weary about my knee. I haven't had too much problems during a run but I've been very careful to ice and stretch properly after each run. However I still feel an ache or two occasionally but most of the time it's from sitting improperly at work (it's a habit I'm trying to break).

On a 3rd hand, I know I have another marathon coming up in 2 weeks after that in Alaska. I've already achieved my time goal for the year and would really like to complete my 6 marathons I set out for. After I set a new PR last race, I seriously considered qualifying for Boston. However after the injury that was shelved until I could get healthy again. So my goal now is to just finish these two marathons without injury and look to my Fall races for a faster time.

So the plan is to go into this race starting out at 8 minute or so a mile pace. After the halfway point I would evaluate if I can continue that pace. Only after 20 miles would I consider going faster if I could. Best case scenario for me would be to finish in 3:30 and having the knee feel good but if I have to back off a bit to save some for Alaska I won't feel it's a failure.

See you at the finish line.