Wednesday, June 11

Run Across USA Weekly Update

Day 8 – 6 Mile Tempo Run

South of Masardis

Total Mileage: 67 miles

Not much to report on Day 8. I am continuing down 11 making my way towards the next town of Knoles Corner.

Day 9 – 4 Mile Recovery Run

South of Masardis

Total Mileage: 71 miles

I am just plodding along the Maine countryside. I never knew Maine was this hilly.

Day 10 – 6 Mile Tempo Run (Columbus 10K)

South of Masardis

Total Mileage: 77 miles

I finished the Columbus 10K in 43:44. This was almost a PR but I consider it a success considering the heat and humidity.

Day 11 – 4 Mile Track Run

North of Knoles Corner

Total Mileage: 81 miles

Not much to add to this final track workout. I have just one more 3 mile taper run on Day 12 before the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon.

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