Thursday, October 5

Ed Needs These Things! Rules

I have a problem. I have a strong desire for 25 things and I need your help in collecting them. What's in it for me you ask? Well the first person to bring me all 25 at the agreed upon place will win 100 dollars. That's right. That'd buy you a keg and some ice or about 6 cases of beer. Easy smeazy you say? Well maybe. Here's how it breaks down:

Over the next 7 weeks I will release an item every other day or so. Your job is to find said item and keep it until November 22nd where all entries will be judged and the winner will be chosen at Fry's Wild Turkey Party. Here are some of the official rules for Ed Needs These Things!

* All entries are subject to approval.
* Any pictures that are digitally altered in anyway will not count.
* Collection of items can be done as a team but only entered by an individual.
* Same individual must appear in all photos that require "You" to be in them.
* All entries must be presented at Fry's Wild Turkey Party @ 10 PM.
* After the contest, all items will be returned but are subject for posting on the
* In the event of a tie, the grand prize will be split among the winners.
* Rules subject to change and final say will be held by Ed on all matters.

The prizes breakdown like this:

1 Grand Prize of 100 dollars cash for all 25 items.
1st runner up: Bottle of Captain Morgan (with a minimum of 20 items)
2nd runner up: Bottle of Wild Turkey (with a minimum of 20 items)
Participant Prize: Participants not receiving a prize but have at least 15 items will receive a complimentary prize.

Ed's Note: This contest is going to be challenging but not impossible. I won't ask for pictures of G-Ride scoring or anything. The idea is to mainly have fun with it and give you something to do. Some items are going to easy. Some will be pretty hard. Others will take some time to get and you might have to rely on help from other people. Remember that thousands may enter but only one will win. Check back here early and check often, who knows when new items will be posted.

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