Tuesday, October 3

Insanely Tough Trivia 2

CLARIFICATION AND CORRECTION: Due to a couple of discrepancies in the last two steps, I have replaced them with two new steps. I will not state whether or not anyone was correct up until these steps. No one has submitted to me the correct answer yet (with the values I was using) but I will clear up the confusion after the correct answer is given to this new addition. One hint though is everyone's math is correct but your answers might not.

Well I ramped up this game to make it last a little longer and to test some of your math skills. Good luck.

Note: If you come up with an answer that contains decimals, drop the everything right of the decimal point before you move to the next operation. Example 75.89 becomes 75.

1. Start with the channel the Sirius show "The 2 G's" is on (as of October 3rd incase it moves).

2. Subtract the time (EST) in which this show comes on daily.

3. Divide by the number traditionally given to the attacking midfielder in soccer.

4. Multiply that by the number of books in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy.

5. Add to that the atomic weight of the last name of Queen's famous frontman.

6. Multiply that by the number of number one songs by Aerosmith.

7. Subtract that by the price of a Blue Ring in The Legend of Zelda.

8. Add to that the year in which the last team to be beaten by the Reds in the World Series won the World Series.

9. Divide that by the age that I will be on October 23rd of this year.

10. Add the number of away points Newcastle has taken in alltime premiership contests to date (October 4).

11. Divide your answer by the current jersey number of the last Newcastle player to score an own goal in League Cup competition.


StinE said...


fry said...

531 is what i came up with
but i figured 440 nano meters for a blue lazor so that might be why i am off. there is just to many typical and taditional questions when you do math you have to be exact unless your are estimating.

Fry said...

so my real guess should be 502

Ed said...

Neither are correct. Email me your answers if you want and I'll see where you are going wrong. Game on.

fry said...

are you sopossed to add things as you go or are you sopossed to multiply before you add or subtract

Ed said...

Order of operations do not apply. Add/subtract/multiply as they are ordered in the list.

Anonymous said...


fry said...

483 if i win i will share with stine

stine said...

in case you didn't get my email, it's 12

Ed said...

Sorry. Please try again. Thanks for playing.

G-ride said...

My guess is 69,24-7

stine said...

Finally I got the bastard!!

It's 15.739 or just 15!