Tuesday, October 31

Weekend Roundup 10/27

Good morning web denizens. Whether you are stopping by for the first time or just checking in to see (and whine) what is the item of the day, please be aware that a few minor changes are in store in the next few days for the site. In the spirit of my weekend, I plan on doing a little "house" cleaning around here and throw out some of the unused parts. So you pretty much know the extent of the this weekend roundup.

However on Friday I did take part in the Dead Celebrity 5K run in Westerville. It was raining and windy so the conditions were not optimal. It was a costume race so there were many people dressed up like Dead Celebrities (duh) like Steve Irwin, the Braveheart guy, famous runner guy Steve Prefontaine and the Wright Brothers with life size plane (they won the costume contest). It was a fun race but the weather could have been better. Given the crappy weather, soaked from head to toe, and my shoe lace coming untied halfway through, I still PR'd the race with a time of 21:29 and a 21st place out of 320. No races in the future but always looking...

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