Monday, October 9

Weekend Roundup 10/6

Heeeeeeeeey yoooooooou guuuuuuuuuuuuys.

Welcome back to Monday, or as I like to call it, Satan's birthday. Another successful weekend in the books. Good time down on campus, glad Stine could make it past 10pm as well. Took care of business in the Highbanks 10k with a good time of 46:01. Even though my time was worse than last Sunday, it was still better because the course was extremely hilly with even some stairs thrown in.

On Sunday, we started to finish up the garage. Sanded down the remaining areas and got the ceiling painted. The walls are up for this week, any volunteers? Caught the end of the NASCAR race as well. How disturbed was I to see Dale Jr. winning with Jimmie Johnson in 2nd going into the final lap. In my mind I was trying to figure out what the best finish could be when all of a sudden Mr. Brian Vickers figured it out for me. Brian Vickers, you are having the best week ever and you are my hero of the day.

Speaking of Jimmie Johnson, we finally have a winner of Insanely Tough Trivia 2. This one proved very tough and after numerous wrong guesses, Stine finally found the right one. Below are the correct answers. Congratulations Stine, you WIN!

1. The 2 G's are on Channel 122
2. They start at 12pm EST.
3. The number 10 is the traditional attacking midfielder jersey number.
4. There are 5 books in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "triliogy".
5. The atomic weight of Mercury (Freddie Mercury) is 200.59.
6. Aerosmith had 1 number one hit in "Don't want to miss a thing"
7. You can buy a blue ring in The Legend of Zelda for 250.
8. In the year 1989 was the last time the Oakland A's won the World Series.
9. I turn 26 on October 23rd.
10. Newcastle has 286 away points in the Premiership.
11. And finally (and the stumper) Shola Amoebi whose jersey number is 23 scored the last Newcastle own goal during a League Cup game.

Congratulations to all that tried. Now go find my stuff!

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