Monday, October 16

Weekend Roundup 10/13

Welcome Guys and Ghouls,

Hopefully no one died in a haunted house or a summer camp or something on Friday the 13th. We attended one of those rare weddings on a Friday and even rarer Friday the 13th wedding. It definitely threw me off as I kept competing with myself with the thoughts of "It's Friday but I am at a wedding" with "I'm at a wedding but it's Friday". But one nice thing about a Friday wedding I found out is cash bar till 9:30. Everyone get married on Friday!

Saturday was Fry's "shooting" party which I renamed "Blow Shit UP and Watch Francis Knievel Ramp His POS Truck Over Varying Heights of Dirt." There might be pictures of the event over at Fry's website sometime soon.

One thing I want to address quickly is that a few people have voiced concern that the current contest might be too tough. I have made a poll question up to gauge what people are thinking and go from there. Vote it or smoke it (the pole that is).

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