Friday, September 8

The Devil Wears Prada

"You sold your soul to the devil when you put on your first pair of Jimmy Choo's! "

First let me say that this is my first moovie that I actually watched in a theater in quite some time. Not normally my cup of tea, since the last 5 moovies I watched either contained zombies or vampires, but I did hear good things and I must say that I was quite surprised.

The Devil Wears Prada is about a young college graduate (Anne Hathaway) trying to land her first job out of college. She is interviewing as the 2nd assistant to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), head of "Runway, the world's leading fashion publication. Andrea (Hathaway) is an inspiring journalist who has much higher goals then being some lackey to a fashion tycoon and is promised if she can last in this job for one year it will open doors and lead her to a job she really wants. The catch is that Miranda is the boss from hell. She expects everything done a minute before she tells you and a compliment from her is not getting berated about not doing your job.

An example of said request as she is walking in the office 1st thing:
The details of your incompetence do not interest me. Tell Simone I'm not going to prove that girl she sent me for the Brazilian layout. I asked for clean, athletic, smiling; she sent me dirty, tired and paunchy. And RSVP yes to Michael Kors' party, I want the driver to drop me off at 9.30 and pick me up at 9.45 sharp. Then call Natalie at Gloria's Foods and tell her no, for the 40th time, no, I don't want dacquoise, I want tortes filled with warm rhubarb compote. Then call my ex-husband and remind him that the parent/teacher conference at Dalton is tonight. Then call my husband. Ask him to please meet me for dinner at that place I went to with Masima. Also, tell Richard I saw all the pictures that he sent for that feature on the female paratroopers and they're all so deeply unattractive. Is it impossible to find a lovely, slender, female paratrooper? Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really. Also I need to see all the things that Nigel has pulled for Gwyneth's second cover.
Get all that? Okay have it done in an hour (but she really expects it in 15 minutes). At first Andrea tries to resist the fashion obsessed culture but she finds not fitting in and being herself is not working for her. She turns to Nigel for help and he starts to give her fashion tips and before you know it she is dressed to the nines and kicking ass at her job. She really starts to make an impression on people and things really start heading her way. However it doesn't come without consequences as she loses sight of her original plan and her old friends get mad when she constantly blows them off for job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include finding a flight for Miranda out of Miami during a hurricane and obtaining the unpublished manuscript of the next Harry Potter book for her twin daughters.

Finally, Andrea asks Miranda, "What if I don't want this?" and Miranda responds, "Oh don't be silly, EVERYONE wants this. Everyone wants to be *us*".

This moovie really surprised me because it really makes you ask yourself what would you do in that situation. Do you become something you're not and give into the temptation of success and fame or do you stick to your guns and be yourself no matter what the cost? Without giving away the ending of the moovie (and it is a surprise even though I called it from a mile away) it is very satisfying and really wraps it up well.

The Ups: The moovie is very well done. It is funny and you really get to know the characters just enough and get a feel for what things are like in the cut-throat business of fashion. It is just the right length and ends nicely. Most of all Meryl Streep portrays the character, Miranda, extremely well and really lives up to her nickname, The Dragon Lady.

The Downs: Not really too much to complain about here but I do have a small gripe. When they try to doll up Anne Hathaway for the parts where she is supposed to knock out gorgeous you can really tell some of the camera tricks they do to pull it off. Kinda like all the fight scenes in The Chronicles of Riddick where they are all dark and flash around every split second to make up for the inadequate Vin Diesel performance.

Overall: Go out and score some points by bringing your special ladyfriend to this one. You'll score some points because you are sensitive and will actually enjoy yourself in the process.

Verdict: Three cosmos and a starbucks night cap.

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