Thursday, September 14

Insanely Tuff Trivia 2

These three gentlemen starred in a early 90's television show loosely based off a movie made in 1986. You must provide me with the following:

1. The television show name.
2. The actor's real names in the picture and the characters they portrayed.
3. The movie this show is loosely based off of.

This question is a bit tougher than the last so I will give you one hint. The bully in this series (not pictured) is one of the few original actors left on the television series, ER (although he did take a brief hiatus).

Winner of Insanely Tuff Trivia 2 receives a 6-pack of Tub-O-Ed* beer of their choice. Aspiring screen writers need not enter.

*Tub-O-Ed beer is any brand that is brought to the Tub-O-Ed party.


Fry said...

1) Parker Lewis cant Loose
2)a)corin Newmec as Parker Lewis
b)Mickey Randall as billy Jayne
c)Jerry Steiner as troy slaten
3)Ferris Buellers Day off

and just because its so easy
Abraham Benrubi as Francis Larry Kubiac is your ER Guy (not Posted) but he is on this page

Ed said...

Impressive. Slight correction is the the title of the series is Parker Lewis Can't Lose (not loose) but it's acceptable. You prize is a six pack of your choice of any brand brought to the Tub-O-Ed party.

Next trivia won't be so easy...

Fry said...

it was getting kinda late
and i wanted to make sure i got the three names right the first time other wise someone else would steal my glory