Tuesday, September 5

Weekend Roundup 9/1

Back to work. Yay. Though had a great extended Labor day weekend and hope everyone did the same. Saw most of everyone at Parkfest this weekend and probably see anyone I missed at Pioneer next weekend. Yay for Pioneer to have good beer and not that crappy Coors Light. I mean really, what is up with that noise? I got through about 5 beers and had to throw in the towel. Nothing but crap.

Speaking of which, can someone explain to me the whole Lions Club/Holy Name controversy? Are there burgers and beer or not? Are we going to see a battle royale this weekend? Who should I bet on? What will OMK do since he is both? Is he mad at himself? So confused....

Anywho Sunday was George & Marilyn's anniversary party. Lots of fun drinking "porch juice" and didn't even watch much of the race and thanks to Stine for letting me know what I already did even though I didn't see it end. Good times. See you at Pioneer if you're not boycotting.

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