Thursday, September 14

Winner Is You (Fry)

Congratulations to Fry for correctly answering the trivia question with Paul D'Amour.

The catch was that he played with members of A Perfect Circle, Guns N Roses, Peach, and Failure in different projects but never actually played in those bands.

D'Amour was the original bassist for Tool but was fired/quit after the Undertow album because he wanted to work on different music. He was already working on a side project called the Replicants with Chris Pitman (now with GNR and Stine's answer), Ken Andrews, and Greg Edwards (from Failure). Of course when he was in Tool he played with Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer, who also fronts A Perfect Circle. Later he formed Lusk with Brad Laner, Chris Pitman, and Greg Edwards. For the last clue, his last name D'Amour (Amour) means love.

Okay, now buckle down for this next part as we explore the musical orgy that exists here.

Paul D'Amour was in Tool with Maynard James Keenan. MJK also fronted A Perfect Circle with original guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen. TVL was also in Failure with Greg Edwards and Ken Andrews. APC also covered a Failure tune on their album Thirteenth Step after TVL left APC. D'Amour's Replicant bandmate, Chris Pitman, is now in the new iteration of Guns N Roses. On the GNR note, in one of it's many lineups it briefly featured Josh Freese as the drummer. Freese is currently the drummer for A Perfect Circle (with MJK). Freese replaced Tim Alexander as the drummer in APC. At the time Alexander went back to Primus and replaced Bryan Mantia as the drummer in that group. Guess where Bryan went? GNR with Chris Pitman. Also the guitarist in GNR at that time is Buckethead who has made numerous collaborations with Les Claypool also of Primus fame. Mantia was also bandmates with Buckethead in the band Praxis. Current GNR guitarist, Robin Finck has also been in Nine Inch Nails with Trent Reznor. Since joining GNR he has been replaced in NIN by Danny Lohner who has been active heavily in the A Perfect Circle project. Reznor and Lohner briefly had a project with Maynard called Tapeworm. After it disbanded a Tapeworm song originally titled Vacant appeared on A Perfect Circle album eMotiv renamed Passive. Reznor's also acquired Marilyn Manson's former bassist Jeordie White, aka Twiggy Ramirez. After Manson but before NIN White was the travelling bassist for, you guessed it, APC. He also played with Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age who also has recruited Troy Van Leeuwen after he left APC. Jeordie White replaced Paz Lenchantin as the bassist in APC after she left to join Zwan with Billy Corgan. Billy's former Smashing Pumpkin guitarist, James Iha, was also the travelling guitarist of APC replacing Mr. Troy Van Leewen. Former bassist for the Pumpkins, Melissa Auf der Maur was formerly of Hole with Courtney Love. Love is of course the wife to the late Kurt Cobain but also had a brief fling with Billy Corgan. Also little known fact is that Courtney Love was one of the former lead singers of Faith No More. Faith No More's drummer Mike Bordin was also lined up to replace Bryan Mantia in Primus before Tim Alexander came back into the fold. To put the cherry on the top of this mess is founder of APC, Billy Howerdel, was a guitar tech for just about every band I mentioned here before forming APC.

Wow, six degrees to Kevin Bacon has nothing on this mess. I believe OSU is offering a major in this subject this fall. I'm sure Phil is already enrolled.

New (and harder) trivia question coming this afternoon.

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