Tuesday, September 12

Weekend Round Up 9/8

Hey o. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Saw most everyone at Pioneer not drinking Coors Light and having a good time. Everybody seemed in good spirits after the OSU win. Something new and interesting to see at Pioneer was the Oasis tent (no not the band). For those of you who didn't go in, the Oasis tent was where you could get specialty drinks and eats. A lot of girly drinks but most important some new imports from Holland. I remember saying that Budweiser must have purchased the brewery and started to import the beer and sure enough I was right. Lots of interesting and good news in that article and I'm sure you can see more of that beer in the future coming around. Coincidently enough it would be an excellent beer to bring to Tub-O-Ed.

Good stuff and see some of you next weekend down here in Columbus for OSU tailgating.

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