Wednesday, August 30


What: 1st Annual Tub-o-Ed
When: September 22
Where: Ed's Gahanna Compound

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tub-o-Ed

Q: What is Tub-o-Ed?

A: If you are familar with a Tub-o-Nasty then you're really not far off but for those of you that are unfamilar with the concept allow me to explain.

Party goers are asked to bring 6-12 beers of a unique flavor. In a Tub-o-Nasty, one would strive to find a flavor that someone would normally not drink due to it's "nasty" taste. Some examples are Natural Ice, Blatz, Genesee Cream Ale, and Black Label. Selections are limited to a standard 12oz can. All participants are asked to put their beer in a tub with everyone else's bringings. Anytime you need a beer you must blindly reach into the tub and drink what you pull. The only exceptions are you cannot pull the same brand twice in a row. Also participants are asked to drink one of their own first before anything else to prevent anyone from dumping in skunky beer. Bottles and odd shaped cans are prohibited in a Tub-o-Nasty.

The differences in a Tub-o-Ed is instead of nasty beer, you are encouraged to bring in premium beer, the more unusual the better. In a Tub-o-Ed size and shape do not matter so bottles are welcome. The honor system is used to prevent anyone from pulling the same beer twice. But usually there is so much good beer there that you want to try them all.

Q: What are some examples of beers I should bring?

A: Popular examples include anything from breweries like Samuel Smith, Great Lakes, Thirsty Dog, Gordon Biersch, and anything imported.

Q: Where can I get my hands on some of this beer?

A: Due to the rise in microbrew distributers there are a lot of places to look for such beer. Anderson's, Giant Eagle, and even Krogers carry a wide variety. My personal favorite is The Beer Guy down in the North Market.

Q: What if I suck and want to bring in regular light beer?

A: Those that do not wish to participate are still welcome to attend but may be subject to abuse for their sissy beer choices.

Q: What should I bring (besides the beer)?

A: I recommend your favorite pub glass. The majority of these beers are best enjoyed in a glass instead of their bottle. A simple rinse in between tastings should be sufficient.

Any more questions just drop me a comment.

Other notes:

There are plenty of places for people to crash if they need it. Those that wish to stay will be treated to a delicious breakfast the next morning prior to the OSU game. It hasn't been announced if the OSU game the next day is a morning, afternoon, or evening but either way the drinking will continue at Stine's. Cornhole and games of the Polish variety and possibly lawn bowling available. Please contact me if you need directions to my place. I plan on providing some brauts and burgers for the grill with a few snacks throughout the night and possibly some other surprises. One last reason to come....these guys will be there:

"Let's rock this bitch"

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Whoo Hoo, I'm the first one to leave a comment! Who ever said Blatz was not a premium beer? ~LO