Thursday, August 31

Newcastle Transfer News

I know everyone has been eagerly awaiting some updates regarding Newcastle transfer talks with the upcoming closure of the Summer window. So let's get to it...

Surprising to me when I woke up this morning was the news that Newcastle made a deal to acquire Giuseppe Rossi on loan until January 2007. For those of you not aware of the controversy surrounding Rossi, I will fill you in. Rossi was born in New Jersey and played in America up to around age 13. He then left for Italy to play in the leagues there and hopefully become part of their national team. The controversy started when the United States National Team (USMNT) wanted him to play for them since he is an American citizen. Rossi turned it down because of he wanted to play for Italy, even though it is known that you must play in the Italian league to be considered for their side. Rossi now plays in England and hasn't played a minute for Italy's senior side (but he's only 19).

As with all loan deals Rossi cannot play when Newcastle faces Manchester United in October or in January (if his loan is extended). It has yet to be seen if he will play in the UEFA cup. If he does then he becomes cup tied to Newcastle and will not be able to play any cup games for Manchester if he returns this season. Either way it's exciting news as he is a promising player and will provide excellent cover until the transfer window opens in again in January.

In other transfer news, James Milner is in last minute talks to leave Newcastle and rejoin Aston Villa. This would be bad but it could give them some cash to go after named targets like Viduka and Huth (who apparently is almost signed by Boro but "something" held him up).

Transfer window closes tonight so let's see what the next 14 hours bring!

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