Friday, August 4

FIFA Football 2005


Who likes soccer? Well who cares what you think anyway. Inspired by the recent ending of the World Cup I have been playing my copy of FIFA Football 2005. Currently I am taking Chesterfield FC through the ranks of the English leagues on my way to the EPL. It's a fun game for anyone who enjoys soccer but fanatics of the sport will be let down.

The rival for EA (the makers of FF2005) is Konami with the Winning Eleven series. WE boasts better gameplay and more realistic off field managing (transfer market, national team callups, etc) then FIFA but FIFA has the advantage because it is more pick up and play arcade style. The biggest reason as to why I picked FIFA over WE was the official licensing. They have the real team names and players for almost every major league in the world where WE doesn't and must settle with teams name Manchestershire FC and Artillery United (not real names BTW).

The Ups: Names, stadiums, teams, and leagues are all there. Easy gameplay even for the not so soccer oriented and the games are relatively short (in order to play through a whole English season it can be up to 80 some matches). Difficulty can be adjusted to suit your ability and the graphics are good.

The Downs: As with all EA games, once you find the secret formula to a goal it can be exploited over and over. The computer rarely learns and never changes tactics to counter your style. Also the commentary is really awful. Sometimes what they say do not even match up with anything close to the action on the field. Also the off the field management and menus leave a lot to be desired. Give me the people who make Madden and put them on here for a year and this game will be 100% better.

Overall: Good soccer game. After winning a championship there really isn't much replay in it unless you are really into the game and if you are then go get Winning Eleven and download one of the hacks for players and teams.

Verdict: 3 and a half bottles of Miller High Life Light on a hot day.

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