Thursday, August 10

Puppy Dog

Look at the cute puppy dog. Awwww. Here are some pictures of the "newest" Ellerbrock in the family, Jazzy. My parent's have been talking for a few weeks about a neighbor giving away a new litter of puppies. They kept asking me if I wanted one but given our current situation and the lack of time we are actually home, I had to pass on the grounds that it would not be fair to the dog. So much to my surprise a few weeks later when I came into my parent's house that I heard a whimpering come from a crate. Inside was the tiniest dog I have ever saw. Weighing in about a whopping 2 pounds was Jazzy. She is a mix but with characteristics of a terrier and some other small dog.

Here are some picture I took of her sitting on the couch (which she can't reach yet without some help, but she tries) and playing with Jester. He's happy because he no longer is the smallest of the bunch and is playing the role of the "big brother" giving her pointers as to what to do when the other dogs (Sebastian and Jessie) come over. So the next time you come over to George & Marilyn's, watch your feet.

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What is this all about you talk about your dog and you talk about you moms dog when do you piss on trains