Friday, August 4

The Soup

"It's time for the Hollywood Access Extra Inside Entertainment Report!"

Really probably one of the most consistently funny shows on TV at the moment (until the new Boston Legal season debuts). The Soup airs on The E Channel at 10PM on Friday nights (set your TIVO) and then airs the replay multiple times throughout the week. It is to entertainment news what The Daily Show is to the real news. With plenty of recurring jokes that make consistent watching a payoff and a smarmy, sarcastic host to boot makes this a top priority on my viewing schedule.

The Ups: Well it's only a half hour long so it is pretty easy to fly through an episode (fast forwarding through the commercials of course). Jokes are a fairly wide variety with something for just about everyone (even you Tyson). Of course if you have as much disdain for Hollywood as I do it makes it all the much sweeter.

The Downs: It's only a half hour long. It definitely could be longer or at least more than once a week. Some of the jokes do fall flat but usually is made up for by the host self-ridiculing himself or the show. Also a lot of the skits are cheaply down and pretty campy but I guess that gives the show a little bit of it's unique flavor (get it...flavor...The Soup....haha!).

Overall: I usually never watch E or anything remotely like it but this show has found it's way into my weekly routine. Unfortunately that means I may waste as spot on the E Channel in my "You Only Can Keep 10" channels list when it comes time to make it.

Verdict: 1 big bucket of Hoegaarden with an orange wedge.

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