Wednesday, August 23

Weekend Round Up 8/18

Hey y'all. Little late on the weekend round up (like you were waiting for it) but I wanted to get the final pictures of the deck up. Basically the weekend was finishing up on a few projects that were held over the summer. We got the deck finished with installing the final outlet and put up our storm door. We only have to put some post caps up and do some landscaping (prob in the Spring) before we can say we are all the way finished but it's good now. Our hopes are that we can clean up and paint the garage and get that sealed in the fall. I'll have to check Fry's website and OSU's football schedule and maybe I'll have a tub-o-glorious party on a Friday night before a foosball game. Bonus beer to anyone who can count how many cats are in the pictures below:

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StinE said...

There are 3 cats, but it's the same one in each picture.