Friday, August 4

Return of the Living Dead

What inspired me to watch this moovie was a post in the a blog I read from time to time of a fellow Crew fan. I, myself, am not that big of a fanatic of zombie moovies and the living dead stuff but with the promise of campy horror and brief nudity (turned out not so brief) I was there. I learned a lot about each "Dead" franchise while reading this blog so I came into this moovie with a certain appreciation for what was going to happen. If I ever fulfill my idea of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) for B-rated horror movies this will be one of the first subjects.

The plot revolves around a medical warehouse worker discovering a barrel containing a reanimated body and what happens when that body is released. With even the most limited knowledge of zombie moovies you can determine what happens next. Yea don't waste money renting this one...get it from the library.

The Ups: If bad 80's stereotypes and bad acting to the point of comedy are your thing then this is your moovie. Even the gratuitous amount of flesh seen in the moovie does not make up enough to sit through this one.

The Downs: Read the above paragraph again and pretend you do not like those things.

Overall: If this moovie were made today it would be a straight to Betamax release.

Verdict: Half a can of warm Old Mil.

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