Monday, August 14

Weekend Roundup 8/11

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and welcome back to work or whatever you do on Monday. We certainly enjoyed ourselves at Craig & Linzie's wedding. I'd share some pictures but I forgot the camera so you will just have to use your imagination as to what it looks like if you were there and if you were actually there it probably will be pretty easy unless you were really drunk and cannot remember being there.

We really lucked out on the weather as it was probably the best day to date. Everything went off as expected (from my perspective) and everyone got married that was supposed to which is always a good thing. Got to see a lot of people that haven't been around for awhile including Dox, Peaches, and the almighty Carnage. First time I ever saw anyone go golfing at a wedding reception too. If Ethan and Dan ever wanted to quit their jobs and become stuntmen racing golf carts they probably could get by comfortably. Other then a few MIAs (who I have dispatched a messenger to get a full report) everything was much enjoyable. Congratulations to Thor & Linzie, now none of your kids will be accidents!

A footnote to this recap is apparently Jamie McMurray reads this blog. His third place finish "At The Glen" in both races this weekend was obviously his response to my public lashing of him last week. I guess the sombrero stays in the closet for another week. It was nice to see the Cheater and Dead Earnhardt Jr. finish out of the top 10. Sucks for Boris Said. Hey Stine, did you see the "Who Said" t-shirts people were wearing at the race? Apparently they run this website where you can get a shirt.

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