Friday, August 11

World's Fastest Ellerbrock

Well as promised, here are some pictures from the St. Anthony's Social 5K. I retained the title of World's Fastest Ellerbrock (by beating all other Ellerbrocks that entered) with a time of 22:45. It was not my personal best but I accomplished my goal of under 23 minutes. I knew that the heat would take it's toll and I am not at peak condition as I was a couple months back. My goal for the next 5K is under 22 minutes. Until then enjoy some of the highlights from the race.

Here I am (in yellow) crossing the finish line. Apparently I was too fast to photograph in action.

The two newest Ellerbrocks making their way across.

Dave looks like he just got done preparing Matt's taxes.

Here comes Cheryl on her way to claim her prize (she won a mug for her division).

Last but certainly not least is Mindy on her way for the beer and burgers that followed.

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