Thursday, August 3


After years and years of procrastination and empty promises, it is alive. Ed's Tavern is in business and serving up the drinks. Essentially this is the new incarnation of the old Wastecult expage site. Basically I will try to keep up what I started long ago and keep everyone abreast with the happenings and interests of me. But probably after about 2 weeks I'll get lazy and never update it again. So enjoy it while it lasts!

Just incase anyone hasn't used the interweb in about 3 years this is going to be a blog style site. I write some stuff and it's categorized by most recent first and continues into the past. It is grouped by date and eventually archived by month. So if you do not visit for a few days (shame on you) and I post a bunch of stuff (don't hold your breath) you might want to start at the bottom and work your way up just incase there is some sequential order.

On the right side of the page I have put my entertainment section. Pretty self explanatory here but if you click on whatever picture you will be brought to my review and opinion of that item. That post will contain a link to something a little more official incase you want to check out more info on it. So have at it and tell me what I watch sucks.

I am sure there will be more sections and fun stuff added as this thing grows so feel free to leave a comment somewhere and let me know what you think.

Be sure to check out what is going to be happening and a recap of what has happened over there at Fry's website. Send him some money if you want even.


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